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Try This First

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You will be able to increase the default text size of this site in any modern Browser as follows:

Firefox :

Click on “View” then choose “Text Size” and “Increase”. Choosing “Normal” will return the site to the default font size. If you have a mouse wheel you can use that in conjunction with CNTRL key to zoom increasing and decreasing at will. Use CNTRL/0 to return to the default size


Choose “View” then “Zoom” and you are able to increase or decrease the page size either by increments of 10% or by 150% and 200%. Choose 100% to return the page size to normal.


Choose “View” and then “Make Text Bigger”. To return to the default size choose “Make Text Smaller”.


Choose the “Customise and Control Google Chrome” icon and select the plus or minus sign next to the zoom option.

Internet Explorer 7 & 8:

Choose the “Page” icon and then choose “Text Size” and either “Larger” or “Largest”. Choosing “Medium” will return the page to the default size. If you prefer you can also choose the “Zoom” function which will attempt to enlarge the whole page including images.

Internet Explorer 6:

Choose “View” and then choose “Text Size” and either “Larger” or “Largest”. Choosing “Medium” will return the page to the default size.

Skip links

I have included “Skip Links” on each page in the form of a link at the top right hand side of the page. Clicking this link will take you directly to the page’s main contents bypassing the navigation.

Skip Links are particularly useful for those using text readers so that when they arrive on a page they don’t have to sit through the navigation menu being read to them every time.

Keyboard users

Anyone who prefers to use their keyboard to navigate their way around a website rather than their mouse will find that this site has been built with that in mind.

All items on the page including Form Items have been built in a logical “Tab Order” to prevent confusion. All links are also highlighted when they are “tabbed to” plus those using modern browsers will see highlighted form fields when they tab to the particular field.

Access Keys I have not used Access Keys on this site due to their tendency to interfere with the normal operation of the keyboard.