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Sadly Minervawebs is closing.

This is due to the recent death of the proprietor; my dear wife Carol Yates

This site will remain live until 31st July 2017.

If you have any comments or queries please email me (Peter Yates) :

Common wewb design mistakes

Why should I invest in a website?

The world wide web can give access to a global community which, like Topsy, just keeps on growing. You may not represent a global enterprise, but the internet also scales down to your country, region, local community or just to you. The real question is can you afford not to?

Minervawebs develop and design websites that are:

  • distinctive,
  • professional,
  • effective,
  • device responsive
  • accessible (complying with the Disability Discrimination Act),
  • user friendly ,
  • search engine friendly.

Not only new web sites...but also improving existing sites

The internet is constantly evolving and so are the standards that apply to it.

Many clients have their existing websites redesigned to take account of developments both within their businesses and changes in internet use.

Your website must look professional and it must function technically. It is important to realise the value of good design and to have your website produced by a reputable designer.

Affordable pricing for maintenance.

Some clients need us every week. Some need us every month. Some need us less than once a year. We have pricing and packages to suit your needs no matter how often you update your site or where you want to take it in the future.

Cutting corners can result in more expense in the long run...

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Why choose Minervawebs to design your website?

It's often said that content is king... Website designs often do more to showcase the skills of web designers than to sell the clients business. Get your website design working for you by actively converting visitors to customers with cost effective websites. Minervawebs design and build the vehicle which serves the message - unlike Cran above, the medium is most definitely not the message!

Information design.

Ease of use is paramount in Information Design. This means making the message clear and ensuring the right form of navigation is in place to bring the audience there.

User Interface Design

Whether it's an entire online community or a simple marketing 'business card', people should be able to use it without having to learn it. The goal is to build an appropriate interface that is intuitive and inclusive.

Standards & Accessibility

All new sites are responsive and are coded to W3C standards: HTML5 and CSS for lightweight and maintenance friendly systems. DDA compliance is also ensured for people with disabilities to access all content. UK law now requires that all sites are accessible, regardless of disability.

Online Identity
Although most clients may already have logos and other identifying trademarks, they can be tailored specifically for online presentation and consumption.

Why choose Minervawebs - a freelance web designer?

Paying a fixed fee every month might seem attractive – but after a while the money you are spending adds up and goes on indefinitely. But what if the company should go out of business?
By paying an acceptable fixed fee, as you do for most things in life – you will have a website that works to your satisfaction and will not carry on costing you more. Also Minervawebs’ modest update fees will ensure that your site is kept fresh. Minervawebs have no overheads and are unlikely to go out of a business that is a passion.

Only The Best
A site that actually fits its target audience like a glove can be as simple as can be and still be worth its weight in gold.

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We offer complete website design & development services.

Most designers will understandably be reluctant to commit to a figure until the clients' requirements are clear. These often change as site-builds progress.

However, to give you some idea I could get you online with a 'business card" site for less than £200.

This would comprise a static text header, up to three photographs (if provided), contact details and general text. This page would be originally produced and not a re-write of another site. Further features e.g. slideshows, artwork, contact form would obviously increase the price. The site would be submitted to Google etc.

Bespoke 6+ page sites with further features range from £400-£1000. It's not so much how many pages are involved - more the time taken to build them. Time is of course the deciding factor.

*These figures are only a general guide. Further information about website design costs.

Affordable pricing for maintenance.

Single Incident repairs, cleanups, and updates:

Prices start at £25

Site management monthly retainer:

Prices start at £25 per month

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Services we offer at Minervawebs:-

  • One page 'business card' sites.
  • Starter packages of up to five pages.
  • Bespoke website design for larger sites.
  • Customised Wordpress sites for self management.
  • Customised Joomla content management (CMS) sites.
  • Customised E-Commerce sites.
  • HTML indexing for websites and CD/DVDs, which supplies 'back of the book' style indexes for your work.
  • Desktop research services from an experienced librarian.

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